The Independent Woman

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We love a deep dive into Rhode Island history. Particularly those histories that are not taught in school and are hidden from view.

In their original plans from 1895, Rhode Island State House architects McKim, Mead and White sketched a female figure atop of the building’s massive dome (left).

They were likely drawing from traditional images of women portrayed as the figure of Hope (right). 

19th century state officials made it clear that they sought a figure atop the dome that represented Roger Williams, eventually becoming The Independent Man that we see there today.

On March 8, 2023, International Women's Day, we pose the question - who are the Independent Women of Rhode Island history?

With the help of Ten31 Productions, The Womxn Project Education Fund brings the Independent Woman to Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence. While there, we share information and inspiration about Rhode Island's historic Independent Women!

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The Newport Historical Society - Women's Rights and History

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Newport History - Women and the Legal System in early Rhode Island

Thank you to The Rhode Island Historical Society for sharing resources with us!

monuments Ten31 Tammy BrownThis video by Ten31 Productions featuring TWP/TWPEF Board Member Tammy Brown, is another artivist intervention that highlights the lack of monuments honoring powerful, heroic, Independent Women and people of color who fought injustice in American history.