Testify 101 Workshop

We know you know how important it is to DEMAND action and engage with our elected officials.
But couldn’t we all use some pointers on how to be more effective advocates?

In partnership with the National Women’s Law Center, The Womxn Project co-hosted a (virtual) testimony writing workshop and social hour! Join the guest speaker, Peshka Calloway, as she gives an amazing presentation on how to center and prepare for any testimony jitters.

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Using the Equality in Abortion Coverage Act (“EACA”) as a substantive touchpoint, this Workshop taught you how to effectively:

  • Prepare written testimony that is succinct and impactful;
  • Present oral testimony that is both compelling and convincing;
  • Advocate for passage of the EACA.

As a refresher, the EACA recognizes that the right to abortion is not real if people can’t access or afford that right. Right now, RI state employees and people who use Medicaid do not have insurance coverage for abortion care. The EACA will eliminate:

  • The ban that withholds health insurance coverage for abortion in the state Medicaid program and associated plans, and
  • The denial of coverage for abortion in the state employees’ health insurance.

Because of structural racism and other inequities, these abortion coverage bans disproportionately hurt people of color, young people, and low-income people.

By learning how to prepare and deliver testimony, you can make a positive impact Rhode Island, weigh in on how to spend your tax dollars, help uplift the voices of the most marginalized and the most affected by policies, and take control of RI’s decision making!